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A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a platform that hosts educational resources accessible to everyone around the world, and delivered online. Through our GIGGING 4 LIVING MOOC, you can find educational resources targeted towards performing artists, more specifically, towards Musicians, Dancers, and Actors. To find out more about what the GIGGING 4 LIVING project has to offer, continue on this platform to gain access to our learning materials.


Opportunities for performing artists living in a pandemic

The GIGGING 4 LIVING project offers a bespoke training curriculum targeted towards performing artists, namely; Musicians, Dancers; Actors. It comprises 12 modules that address opportunities available to each of these subgroups to help support them on their journey of establishing a sustainable career in their chosen artistic discipline. These modules are presented as EduZines, and accompanying Interactive Infographics have been developed to provide access to each EduZine by scanning the QR code on a smartphone or any other smart device.


Building resilience within the performing art sector during the pandemic

The GIGGING 4 LIVING project offers modules focused on addressing issues faced in the performing arts sector during the pandemic, and promoting positive mental health among performing artists. These modules comprise 6 EduZines and Interactive Infographics to build resilience within the performing art sector in the face of the pandemic, and these EduZines are accessible through smartphones, and other smart devices widely used among performing artists.

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Project Number: 2020-1-IE01-KA227-ADU-082953